2011 Goals – Financial & Health

This past week I’ve been posting a lot about my goals for 2011.  Earlier this week I tackled 4 of the 10 areas: Career and Ministry followed by Personal and Recreational.  Check them out.  Let me know what you think.

I meant to do a post yesterday, but it was insanely busy.  Got up early, taught all day, had Odyssey of the Mind practice with my team until 4:30pm, ran to the grocery store, stopped by the apartment and then headed to eGroup.  I got home at about 8pm and I was exhausted.

So here we are at Friday and here’s a list of some of my goals in 2 more areas…

Financial & Health


1. Lay off the Starbucks.

Ok, so I have like 3-4 Starbucks within 2 minutes of my apartment and that is a very, very bad thing.  I’m an avid coffee fan and I love white chocolate mochas.  A lot.  It’s just so easy to swing by there in the morning on the way to school or to convince myself it was a long day and I deserve it.  Hahaha.  Bad news.  So, with that in mind and a lovely Christmas present from my parents (yay mom and dad!) that has and shall continue to help curb the Starbucks spending – I’m talking about you my little Keurig! – I want to just LAY OFF.  I’m happy to say I’ve only had Starbucks maybe once this month?  Go me.  I’m in love with my Keurig so I don’t forsee this goal being too hard to carry out.

2. Continue to pay off student loans above and beyond what is due.

My student loans come to about $240 a month.  I’ve paid off 1-2 of them already, but they were lower amounts.  I had a bunch consolidated which helped.  I still have about $20,000 to go, but that’s better than where I started off and I’ve always paid more than is due.  It’s become automatic and I’m so OCD I make sure things round out evenly when I put in amounts to pay.

3. Institute a “no spend day” once a week.

Plain and simple.  No spending on Wednesday unless it’s a bill I’ve got to get to or gas.  This week…didn’t spend a dime!

4. Tax refund money going to loan i’m closest to paying off, savings and emergency fund.

Ok I’m already presuming I am getting a refund but I haven’t had a year yet where I’ve owed.  I am actually planning on doing my taxes in the next week or so.  Once I get the refund, I have one loan where I owe just a couple hundred that I’d like to just pay off and the rest is going on savings and my emergency fund.

5. Do a “no spending/buying fast” in March.

I’ve already gotten my cousin on board with this, so if anyone else wants to join the frugal, cheap fun, let me know!  Essentially I will only be paying for…the essentials.  That means only paying for gas, groceries, and bills.  No music, dvds, going to restaurants, movies, Starbucks, etc.  It also means I’m going to be planning ahead in February and stocking up on a lot of extra things in the kitchen since I’ll be making all of my meals at home.  I’m really excited about this because it will force further creativity with how I spend free time and time with friends plus I’ll get some good recipes and see how much I ended up saving.


1. Be more intentional about planning ahead to cook meals at home.

Ok, so I sometimes tend to go to the grocery store with several recipes in mind, but not necessarily ALWAYS on paper.  That doesn’t help.  I also sometimes tend to go with no idea what I want to cook, but recipes and meals tend to pop in my mind while I’m there.  Also not always the cheapest or healthiest thing at times.  Here’s to being better at that…  March and the “no spending fast” should help with that.

2. Cook more with what is on hand at home.

By that I mean using recipe.com to find recipes to use what I already have.  Again, March will probably be a time I use this and learn a lot.

3. Get new glasses by the fall.

I’ve always gotten my eyes checked every year and updated my contacts.  I have glasses, but I rarely wear them since I usually have my contacts in.  I haven’t updated the prescription or lenses in my glasses in several years and I’d probably about time I did that.

4. Continue to drink more water.

I have a love/hate relationship with water.  At times I love it and at times I hate it.  Sometimes it’s the best thing in the world, at others it’s the most bland thing in the world.  I’ve been drinking a lot of water lately and water and I seem to be on an upswing.  We’ll hope that continues.  Maybe water and I will become what milk and I have always been.  If I ever found out I was lactose intolerant…  I don’t know how I’d survive.  I love milk.

And now we’re down to the final four: Family, Friends, Character and Spiritual Goals.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.


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