Happy Birthday, Elevation!!

It’s hard to believe it has been five years since the launch of Elevation Church.  Even harder for me to believe and comprehend is the fact that I’ve had the privilege and honor of being a part of this movement of God in Charlotte since May of 2006.  Getting in on this at the ground level has been one of the most life altering experiences.  To have been a part of and seen what God has done in this church, the people of Charlotte and this city in the last five years…it’s been nothing less than breath-taking.  Only God could have orchestrated it all.

It’s pretty emotional for me to realize God had my family here years ago and then just 5 years ago He brought me back.  Initially I thought it couldn’t have been any better – I drove down for a job interview at the school I used to attend when I was little.  Amazingly enough, the Spanish teacher at that school was retiring that same year and He worked it out for me to be given a job there.  Add to that the fact that I was able to live with my Aunt for awhile and it was a great feeling.

Clearly that wasn’t the only reason.  My Aunt had a card she’d gotten in the mail about this church called “Elevation” that she’d saved for me to take a look at.  Off I went one Sunday to the Levine Senior Center to check it out.  Haven’t left since.  That first week after attending I got a phone call from the amazing Larry Brey.  The next Sunday he saw me and remembered my name.  The following week I got a call from Heather Bishop and was asked about volunteering in eKidz.  My second Sunday there I was in the toddler room.  The Sunday after that I was in Quest with the pre-k kids.  Haven’t left Quest since then.  A few weeks later I found out that the church offices were in Lake Park where my Aunt lived.  THAT was a moment for me and it still is amazing to think about how God orchestrated all of that.  I knew I was in the right place.  Several weeks after that…I found out that a few of the girls I volunteered with in eKidz also worked at Unionville, the new school I was going to be working at.  Later on we all ended up in the same small group.  Again – only God.

Last night they held a Red Carpet event for the volunteers at Elevation.  They did a screening of the 64 minute documentary they’ve been working tirelessly on for the last nine months (huge thanks and major props to Wes Watson, Larry Hubatka and Jared Hogan – WOW).  It’s called “This Is How We Change the World”.  Having had the honor of being a part of Elevation since the early days, it was amazing to see the staff and core families telling stories, talking about the hard days, the groundswell and having my own memories of things going through my mind as they put up various videos and pictures from the last five years…

Awakening, baptizing 1000 people in two weekends, Easter 2010 at TWC Arena, recalling the days at the Senior Center, “the row”, packing out Providence, the loading docks, the first cd recording, Sun Stand Still, Dominate, Give Me Faith, leadership nights, the worship nights from early on, Easter 2009, the Egg Drop…

There are so many highlights.  Maybe I’ll share my top 5 (or maybe 11 since it’s 2011) moments from the last 5 years tomorrow.  If you get a chance this weekend, check out Elevation to see the documentary.  Check out the Elevation Experience if you can’t be there in person (shows every hour on the hour starting at 11am Sunday).  Only God could have done what we’ve seen happen in the last five years and we’re believing Him for great things as we  push forward.  There’s a story to tell and it’s still being written.

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