MIA in the Blogosphere

So one of my goals this year was to blog more often.  I haven’t written since last Sunday.  Partly due to the how gigantic that post was and how important it was.  But there also something else…  Life is busy with school and church.  And last week and for the next two weeks I’ll be living and breathing teaching and this right here…

Odyssey of the Mind.  This is my 4th year coaching.  I love getting to pour into a group of third, fourth and fifth graders for a few months.  We get to stretch their minds, their creativity and it’s a blast getting to know them on an different level.  We’re in the thick of it right now.  Next Saturday (March 5) is the regional competition.  Keep us in your prayers…  It’s intense right now!  The kids have their script and we’ve got to get the rest of our backdrops and props done.  Then we’ve got to just make it flow within 8 minutes (their time limit).  Our story is great – a hive of bees trying to get rid of their Queen.  They have to incorporate an original song, a dance, an object that transforms 3 times and goes back to it’s original appearance, a very silly character and a very serious character.  Great, great fun.  I’m going to be at school late the next couple weeks.  Going to be exhausted when I get home.  I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else though.  🙂


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