No Spend Month and Love Week Charlotte

Wow.  Life is just so crazy, busy and awesome!  So much to share.  This past Friday we did a live recording of a cd/dvd for Elevation Worship.  It was incredible.  The worship leaders and musicians are so insanely gifted, creative and talented.  Their humility, sincerity and sacrifice for the Kingdom is unmatched.  Yesterday Pastor Steven started off our Honorology series with an AMAZING message about bringing honor back into our lives, our work, our relationships and our nation.  So timely.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.  It will change you.  This coming week is full of a lot of Odyssey of the Mind work since competition is Saturday.  Keep us in our prayers that everything goes smoothly!

Not only is is a busy week at school, it is also the kick off to my self-imposed NO SPEND MONTH.  I’m not officially starting in March because I figured I’d time it with my paycheck which comes once a month around the 25th.  So, I started yesterday.  This was also a goal of mine for 2011 – to have one month (either February or March) where I didn’t spend on anything other than the necessities.  I think it’ll be a learning experience.  All I’m paying for are gas, bills, rent, and food (groceries only).  I am NOT spending on going out to eat, simply perusing the stores for things I may “want” but don’t “need”, any other random frills and extras, etc.  I haven’t set a limit to what I will spend on food because I want to track everything for each week and see what it adds up to.  I know as of right now I’ve spent about $100 already – but this includes a tank of gas ($3.43/gallon!!!  Ridiculous!!) and buying about $70 worth of groceries (which should – hopefully – last through next week) and household items that I’ve needed to pick up (ie. facewash, dish detergent, paper towels, etc.).  If I see how much I spend (particularly on food), I may decide I want to try another “no spend month” later this year and put a limit on the amount.  Regardless, I am going try to visit the grocery store as little as possible and work with what I’ve got.

I do have several exceptions:

  • OM this week – with competition I may end up buying a few last minute supplies and food the day of competition.
  • LOVE WEEK – I am going to allow myself one meal out due to how busy this week will be and the few times I’m volunteering right after OM practice.  I am also going to be buying a few items for one of the Love Week events.
  • SGL Training – We’re planning a small group leader training for Quest that I may have to buy supplies for.

That’s all I can think of at the moment, but we’ll see if anything pressing comes up.  Should be an interesting journey!  I’ll definitely be posting about how meals go and actual spending for the week.  That’ll keep me accountable…

Now, aside from my No Spend Month, it is also LOVE WEEK!!  What a blast it was last year.  A wonderful, wonderful opportunity to see other parts of the city, learn more about different community outreach organizations and have fun with other Elevators.  We aimed for 5,000 hours last year and got to about 10,500 total instead!  This year we’ve got other churches in Charlotte involved – about 25 others – and we’re aiming for 25,000 hours together.  I think we’ll blow it out of the water!  This city needs some love and the Church is about  to step up and step in.  They have over 150 volunteer opportunities open and it’s all listed on the website they’ve created for people to register –  It’s amazing to see the different ways you can serve, what talents you have you can use to serve, how many volunteers are needed, etc.  We kicked off Love Week Friday night after the recording with some of the students of the church serving overnight.  We’ve already logged over 6,556 hours!!  This is from service on Friday night, Saturday and today!  At all services this weekend they are making it super easy to serve if people can’t during the week.  At Blakeney and Matthews they were lacing shoes for Samaritan’s Feet and the shoes will be sent to Uganda for those without.  At Providence today we were bagging dehydrated soups for Stop Hunger.  We made over 20,000 meals!  Uptown made sandwiches for the homeless in our area.  There were also Stuff the Truck events going on at each campus too.  People were bringing in clothing, furniture, books and school supplies.  Kids are also getting involved too!  Talk about AWESOME.  I love this church.

What I love even more is getting to hear about the things going on through Love Week – pictures, messages, info, etc.  Check out these sites to see all that is going on – AMAZING.

ElevationOutreach Twitter

Love Week website


Here’s to what will certainly be a busy, but awesome, incredible, amazing week!


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