A Unionville First…

This past weekend was the Odyssey of the Mind competition.  A long day, but always great and always fun.  This year we had a FIRST in Unionville Elementary history.  We knew the kids on each team had a good presentation.  My team was told way back in January they had something really good they were starting with (at the time we were working on script).  Who knew we’d end up here though…

After a long day of presenting and doing spontaneous we were all in the gym awaiting the awards ceremony.  The first problem was Extreme Mousemobile (they had to create a vehicle with a mousetrap that completed several tasks and hit several marks).  They hit every single one of them.  They were awarded first place!  The third problem was Le Tour Guide and we had a team that took it on.  They had to use several characters and locations they shared about on a tour.  After a clarification was given to them on March 2 (3 days before competition – usually the last clarifications are given on February 15!!), they were awarded first place!  Wow!!  My team was on the last problem, Full Circle.  The kids did a great job presenting and apparently spontaneous went ok (they are under strict “don’t ask, don’t tell” orders not to share a thing about the spontaneous problem with parents, coaches, other teams because it might give them an advantage hearing about it in advance).  We heard third place.  We heard second place (we’d heard they had done very well).  Our eyes were widened knowing we either had it or something had bombed for us.  Lo and behold…WE GOT FIRST PLACE TOO!  WOW.

Never before has the school had all three teams competing come away with first place!  We’ve had teams go on to state before, teams get first, second and third the same year, but all three getting first place and a trip to the State competition?  Nope.  So, we’re taking a break this week to relax a bit, thinking about freshening up some of our props and costumes, and getting ready to head to Asheville on April 2 for the State competition.

Even more scary/amazing to think about – we’ve had teams from our school go on to the World competition.  Having three teams place first and going on to the State competition…  Well, I’m sure you can guess what our art teacher/OM sensei is thinking already.  What do we do if all end up going to Worlds?  Wow.  That is just mind boggling to think about.  One thing at a time please.  I can’t think that far ahead.  That’s too much too quick!  I know what we’ve got this year is special though – with all the teams.

I wrote up something for the school website with some pictures I took.  Check it out.

Here is my team in costume.  We even created a “Hive Yearbook” with the individual pictures I took of them and the little bios I had them write to get them to think more about their character, things they would do, etc.  It was really cute.  If anyone wants to see a video, just ask.


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