No Spend Month Update

Well, I’ve got about a week left.  I’m not going by a standard month.  I based “No Spend Month” from the date I got my paycheck in February (25th) through when I get my next paycheck (March 25th).

Things have been pretty great actually.  I made some stuffed shells earlier this month, rediscovered how great breakfast was for dinner a couple times, made some muffins, and am going to use some flank steak marinated in honey/soy sauce and I’ll fill with feta and green apple then let the crock pot do it’s thing.

I have made a couple more trips to the grocery store than usual, but some of that has been due to events I’ve been involved in throughout the month.  When it comes to what I’m spending money on other than my bills and gas (I’ve spent $136.05 on gas so far since Feb. 25!  Crazy!  But About $33 of that was due to a trip to SC.), food is up there (about $160 so far).  I AM proud of myself for cutting back on the Starbucks (as was in one of my original 2011 goals) and this self-imposed “no spend month” has made me appreciate my Keurig and love it even more.  It’s also changed my morning routine and made it better, I think.

I do have some exceptions for the month as stated previously…


OM – I knew I would end up spending money on food for the day and quite possibly a tshirt.  I bought bread to share to make sandwiches with everyone that day, an NCOM shirt and went with everyone to Quincy’s after the awards to celebrate THREE 1st place wins! ($41.07)

LOVE WEEK – I knew I would be buying some items to help create baby baskets for Youth Homes.  That was about it though. ($21.96)

SGL Training – I had several meetings for this planned and knew we may end up meeting in  a restaurant and I’d be running from school to get there.  Starving, of course.  So I’ve had 1 meal I’ve paid for I knew would end up happening.  Another MAY occur next week.  We’ll see. ($8.50)

Expenses I Didn’t Plan (but I am completely fine with):

Baby Gifts – A teacher at our school recently had a baby she delivered early and I’m planning on getting a gift.

Haircut – Planned on getting one anyway prior to imposing “no spend month” and wasn’t going to let “no spend month” stop me.  If I’d thought further ahead, this would be in the “exceptions” section.  Haha. ($20)

Small Group – We recently finished reading a book and are going to start reading through Francis Chan’s Crazy Love.  We are hoping to have the preface and chapter one ready by next Thursday so I bought the book, of course. ($12.98)

I’ve had a good number of “no spend” days.  I want to look through things at the end of the month and count them all up.  That will definitely be interesting.  I’ve saved all of my receipts for the month so far and plan on continuing to do so.  After the month is up I want to total all I spent for gas, food, and other expenses.  That should give me a good idea of what spending one month versus another looks like against a “no spend month”.  We shall see.


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