Friday 5 Returns: Music…10 Years Ago

It’s been ages since I’ve done a Friday 5.  That’s pretty terrible.  I saw this on a blog earlier and it made me laugh to realize that ten years ago I was in high school!  I was 17 and in the last months of my junior year in Connecticut.  Wow.  How time flies.  Anyway.  I figured I’d relive the past a bit and laugh.

Friday 5: My Music…10 Years Ago

1. What were your three favorite songs ten years ago? “Elevation” by U2, “Superman (It’s Not Easy)” by Five for Fighting, something by Lifehouse?  Probably something from Plus One (And if you have ANY idea who that is, kudos to you.  RIP CCM boys.)  Gosh…  It’s hard to even recall what was popular then.  Clearly music and my musical palate have changed.

2. What songs or groups from ten years ago did you love then, but don’t like anymore? I liked some Nelly Furtado, Alien Ant Farm and Creed – nothing I necessarily LOVED them, but I enjoyed a couple songs.  Can’t stand them now.  OH.  Train.  I cannot stand them now.

3. What songs from ten years ago did you love then, still love now, but haven’t heard in a long time? Hmmm.  “Sick Cycle Carousel” by Lifehouse, Faith Hill’s “The Way You Love Me”, The Corrs “Breathless”, India Arie “Video”, “Superman (It’s Not Easy)” Five For Fighting…  And I’ll admit, probably an ‘N Sync or BSB song here and there that I haven’t heard in forever.  Those were the years, people…  And soon thereafter the craze quickly died.  After lasting like…my whole middle school and high school experience.

4. What songs or groups from ten years ago did you not like then, but do like now? Eh.  If I didn’t like them then, I still don’t like ’em now pretty much.  I like Usher a bit more these days.   Hooray for him.  Probably for the performance aspect.  Creative guy.  The biggest deal is probably the fact that I DESPISED country music back then.  Now…I can handle essentially ONE country artist.  That’s a big deal.  🙂

5. How has your taste in music changed in the last ten years? I think I’m drawn to a lot more jazzy, old school music like Sinatra, Crosby and the like.  In college I discovered indie music and still love it.  I thoroughly enjoy finding new bands to enjoy that are under the radar.  Copeland was probably my favorite discovery while in college.  Great, great group.  I still love my musicals.  I have more of an ear tuned for worship music that speaks truth and resonates with where I am at.  I have Elevation Worship to thank for that considering all they’ve done to write songs that are birthed out of what is happening HERE in Charlotte and at our church.  I guess my taste in music has changed from the perspective of going with the flow in high school and being stuck with what was around me where I was at to exploring more and having a wider range of appreciation.  And with that I’m going to stop there because I can tell I’m getting wordy and verbose and likely starting to talk in circles.  Typical.  I’m thinking too much about it.  😛


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