Podcasting with Jack

It’s a rainy day here in Charlotte.  I had the most entertaining afternoon though.  I’ve been tutoring a kid in Spanish for the last year and a half.  He’s absolutely hilarious.  His name is Jack.  He attends Socrates Academy.  It’s a partial Greek immersion school.  His teachers told his family he has an aptitude for languages and hence we started up on the tutoring in Spanish.  He catches on to things very, very quickly.  He impresses me a lot.  We’ve done some fun stuff, created some amusing stories with characters named Jonatha, Rhonda Folanda, made Animoto videos, played lots of games and last time I saw him I gave him some “homework” where he took some pictures from magazines and created a story.

A couple weeks ago I was introduced to the podcasting aspect of GarageBand.  Talk about AWESOME.  I have used Audacity in the past in my classes and in tutoring with Jack to give the kids a quick, easy way to hear themselves singing or talking in Spanish.  I haven’t had the bells and whistles that GarageBand gives though – sound effects, jingles, etc.  I LOVE that.  Now I could record me reading a story, the kids having a conversation, etc. and add in some fun things to make it more exciting for them.  I can also then share it on my webpage for parents or the kids can put it on their iPods.  Very cool.  I’m planning on using GarageBand’s podcasting aspect with my third graders as we’re currently in a unit where they are learning how much larger the Spanish-speaking world is than they originally thought (Breaking News: It’s not just Mexico or Spain that speak Spanish!).  They’re making posters about the different countries and I want to record them reading some of the guided sentences I’ve given them that they’ve put on their posters.  I’ll add in some intros and some jingles to make it sound “official” and then share it with them.  I think they’ll really enjoy it.

Today I messed around with podcasting in GarageBand with Jack.  It was very entertaining.  We called it “The Jack and Lindsey Show” and it includes some “rapid fire” sharing of our favorites and Jack’s little story involving a cabra (goat), a dog driving a car, lots of food, Obama and Jack Sparrow fighting, etc.  It was good for him to hear himself and he’d self-correct sometimes which is fantastic.  Sure it wasn’t and still isn’t always perfect grammar, but he’s learning, having fun and growing.

Without further ado, check it out…  The Jack and Lindsey Show.



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