Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!  Hope everyone is enjoying Cinco de Mayo today.  I am getting ready to go have dinner with some friends at a Mexican restaurant.

In the meantime I’m presently trying to wrap my mind around how INSANELY busy this month is!  It’s like every day or at least every other day there is somewhere I need to be, something I need to have done, something I have to present…  Here’s a taste…  I can’t wait for June 1 to arrive.  It might slow down!

May 3 – Went to County offices to turn in some materials

May 4 – EOG Training and Weekend on Wednesdays (Elevation Church worship experience during the week for the month of May)

May 5 – Young Author’s Day, Odyssey of the Mind practice, work on Global teacher application, and eGroup

**Short version about OM: My team got 3rd at the state competition.  The other two teams got 1st.  One coach from the vehicle problem isn’t able to go to World Finals in Maryland with the team at the end of this month.  I was asked to go in her place.  WOW!

May 6 – Teacher appreciation luncheon, Relay for Life after school and Global Teacher application due (been working on for last few days)

May 7 – eKidz lead team meeting, tutoring Jack, Elevation and a coffee date with Erin H!

May 8 – lead both worship experiences in Quest (9:30/11:15) and work on an advocacy project

May 9 – Nothing?   What?  What is this?

May 10 – Spanish teacher’s meeting – present advocacy project (lots of video, pictures, sound, etc. in this)

May 11 – Nothing?  Again??  This can’t be?!

May 12 – OM Sock Hop (fundraiser for teams – World Finals is a costly but well worth it experience for ALL) and register for PRAXIS II (English Lang Arts – Middle School)?

May 13 – K-2 Field day, fly up to PA for Katie’s graduation, see Jackie?

May 14 – Katie’s graduation and family fun

May 15 – Fly back to CLT and prep for the week

May 16 – Union Co. Commissioners Meeting?  Trying to help them see how worthwhile it is to fund the school system.  Just need one more vote on our side!

May 17 – Help administer EOGs (a great way to become exhausted by standing around and doing nothing) and doctor’s appt.

May 18 – Administer EOGs

May 19 – EOGs, OM practice, and eGroup?  Maybe?

May 20 – 3rd-5th Field day and Michael and Jennica’s wedding!!

May 21 – Tutor Jack?

May 22 – Lead one service?  Two services in Quest?

May 23 – Spring Celebration practice

May 24 – Spring Celebration practice

May 25 – Spring Celebration practice

May 26 – Leave with coaches for Maryland after school

May 27-31 – Odyssey of the Mind World Finals in Maryland…  Trip to DC on Sunday?  Drive Katie’s car back to NC?

Just looking at it…I’m exhausted.  It’s a busy month but it’s all GOOD stuff with a fun end result.

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