Summer Purification


Ok, so I said I was going to do a post about the last few weeks.  That’s a big mess I’m going to wait to sort out until tomorrow.

Instead, I’m going to share about something else I’ve been thinking about.  If you haven’t read the blog Makeunder My Life, you’re missing out.  It’s done by Jess Constable who runs Jess LC jewelry.  She started the business way back at 15 and she’s grown into a great designer and business woman.  She writes a lot about being intentional with life and her business, how she does it, etc.  She started a posting series based off of a concept of throwing out 50 things (an idea she got from a book).  She added her own spin and called it “End of the Week Exfoliation”.  The whole idea is to just throw out items you have that you don’t need/love/use.

Incidentally, I’ve got a few goals on my 2011 list that include cleaning some areas of the apartment out.  Now that it’s summer I can really focus on some of these things.  I was also inspired reading her blog to do a few things to spice up certain areas.  With that in mind…I made a list of some colors and items yesterday.  Did some online perusing and today went to several locations and ended up with the following for just about $38.

I got all of the little bottles, vases and little goblet at Hobby Lobby for just $11.  The baskets and Donald Miller book are from Ollie’s (it boggles my mind how that hardcover could cost $3.99 there!!).  The red pottery is from Pier 1.

So, what did I do with these things?

The bottles

Again lots of these colors as accents in the apartment.  And they are fun shapes.

The amber goblet

Another idea I took from Makeunder My Life.  It’s a really cute way to store earrings and have a cool decoration.  Plus you SEE your earrings as opposed to wondering where a certain one is when it’s in a box.

As for the vases…still working on that.  🙂  Onto the red pottery and baskets.

So I’m putting my little twist on the “end of the week exfoliation”.  I’m going to call it “Summer Purification”.  Why purification?  Check the definition:


–verb (used with object)

1. to make pure; free from anything that debases, pollutes, adulterates, or contaminates: to purify metals.
2. to free from foreign, extraneous, or objectionable elements: to purify a language.
3. to free from guilt or evil.
4. to clear or purge (usually followed by of  or from ).
Precisely my intent.  I tend to be a little bit of a packrat.  I swear it’s not that I just keep whatever I want…  It’s because I can be so sentimental and nostalgic.  Maybe a little too much.  Or…I MIGHT need something down the line.  Ya know???!!!  😛  So I had a goal for 2011 to purge some things.  I really like the word and thought of the process of “purification”.  I will be purifying my home so it’s more “me”, more relaxing, and takes out stuff I just don’t need that is presently taking up space (contaminating…polluting?).  It’s also taking away the guilt when I actually find something I REALLY want (like today’s purchases – I knew I was going to be getting rid of some stuff – which you’ll see soon).  In the end it is also going to make my life seem less…polluted or contaminated by “stuff” or random “things”.  I like that.  So on with it!
Summer Purification: Part 1 (Kitchen/Bathroom)

Here’s where the red pottery comes in.  I’ve had the following horrid, terrible plastic container to hold my kitchen utensils for 4 years.  Yuck and GOODBYE.  The red pottery goes with the colors I have going, takes up less space and looks awesome.

As for the baskets.  I had a crazy little mess of just bathroom STUFF under my sink.  So I went through it and it was pretty hilarious.  Check out all that I’m purifying in/from the bathroom…

So what do we have here?  3 old hair products I haven’t used in AGES (green and black containers), a brush and comb I haven’t used in forever, 2 pairs of OLD contacts (1 circa 2005!!), an old contacts case, an old pair of glasses, an old glasses case, a ridiculously old lip gloss (purple…and by old I mean like high school?), 2 lip glosses I have never used, 2 old nail polishes, a crazy old bath caddy, bathroom cleaner that’s basically gone, an old container of hand soap, mouthwash that hid in the back of the cabinet, and my favorite (see – sentimental) Elevation (^) salt scrub in the clear container.  Yes.  That was handmade by someone a couple years ago and given to me at a ladies night.  And I used most of it…it just sat there for awhile…  🙂  I don’t need/use/love any of them so they’re getting kicked to the curb.

After cleaning that out I put the few small things I had into a makeup bag I bought in Spain, a box I use for medicines, and in the yellow basket I bought.  I put bathroom cleaning items and some extra lotion/soap/etc. in there.  Much better.  I did the same with other cleaners under the kitchen sink.

Stay tuned for more summer purification as the days go by…  You’re welcome to join in the fun.  Tell me what you purify at home.  And tomorrow I’ll finally give the BIG updates and info that have made the last few weeks…edge of your seat entertainment (in most cases).  🙂

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