June 2011: Did That Really Just Happen?!

The long awaited update on the craziness that was June – done bullet style and complete w/ pics and videos.

June 2011 – The Month That Was

  • A few days BEFORE June I was in Maryland for the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals.  An amazing experience to be there for such fun things and be there with some amazing kids.   Incredible kids from all over the US, Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America too!  I had such a blast.

Tiki Bob was an important part of the story by team Extreme Mousemobiles.

Got to spend a day in DC too!

The all important pin trading.  It’s like an extreme sport.  Amazing how competitive and serious it got when certain pins became popular.   Supply and demand at work.

  • Upon return to NC I had just a couple days to be ready for Spring Celebration 2011.  God smiled upon us that day.  Kept looking like rain and as soon as the kids were outside and ready to go, the sun peaked out right over us!  It went well and the new music teacher survived his very first Unionville Spring Celebration!  My kids did a fantastic merengue and La Bamba.  Loved seeing some groups to Jai Ho from India and Waka Waka from Africa.

  • It’s only June 3 at this point and on Monday the 6th we had our meeting with Dr. Davis.  I’m not going to re-hash all of that, but we were all glad we were told we would have jobs.  The next night they had the Board of Ed meeting to officially vote to nix the Elementary Spanish program.  A group of us went to be there.  We had one teacher speak on our behalf and she said some wonderful things.  Before the board voted we also heard from a board member and she said some incredibly nice things.  It was unexpected and appreciated to hear it from her.  The vote still passed.
  • Tuesday the 7th we get an email saying we can interview for the open high school positions if we want to.  Everyone else will be placed in middle school positions (1 yr positions mostly – a pilot program?) or in another area of they have other certifications.
  • Unionville Idol was also this last week of school.  So busy!  It was a blast though.  Always is.  In the past I’ve been Simon and Kara…  This year I was Paula.  We kicked it old school American Idol style.  haha.  We had fun and the kids LOVE it.  We even did a routine for them to “The Evolution of Dance”.  I worked with a pretty great team.  We rock.

  • Last 2 days of school – probably the HARDEST of my career so far.  I was on pins and needles waiting for things to be “official” in the paper or via an email sent out so that I could tell the kids.  Some people said they wouldn’t want to tell because it’d be to hard.  I understand that.  It WAS hard, but I needed to do it.  For me.  For the kids who were telling me “I can’t wait to see you next year.” and “Spanish is my favorite CSPAM.”  I didn’t want them wondering where I was…especially the younger ones.  I definitely cried in a few classrooms.  I explained it to them through the use of the economy, how they’ve probably known others who have lost jobs in recent years, that Dr. Davis had a lot of hard choices to make that he doesn’t want to do, but has to so that they (the kids) can get the important things they need, and that it meant that I wouldn’t be there next year.  It KILLED me when I got to 4th grade because they were the kids I started at UVES with – they were kindergarteners my first year.
  • Workdays came upon us the next week.  Add another 2 hard days to that…  Knowing I was leaving, others retiring, many TAs still unsure about their future…  Staff luncheon – cried.  Had an amazing meal out with the CSPAM team and our principal and AP.  They are all just so awesome.  Unionville has been such a blessing.  I packed up all my stuff, cleaned the mobile, cried some more…
  • Thursday that week – had interviews for high school positions.  They went well.  Everyone was told if they were going to be HS in the next year they would know by the end of THAT DAY.  I had lunch with the incredible 5th grade team and then headed to my parents’ new place in SC.
  • No phone call so I assumed based on what we were told (we would know where we will be the week after workdays) that I would be in a middle school and find out the next week.
  •  The next week came.  Absolutely nothing.  Except car issues, that is.  $300 my car thermostat/cooling system issues are fixed (after the car leaked some NASTY brown stuff that should have been green).  But then…
  • FUN arrived on FRIDAY, June 24 in the form of my amazing cousin, Erin!  She’s flown down the last 3 years in the summer and we always have a BLAST.  Late nights, too much caffeine and tons of laughs.  We were extra busy this trip.  We went to see Keith Urban on Friday night…  See the prior post for that amazing evening in the form of pics and music.
  • The next few days were spent recouping from Keith and getting ready for Georgia! 

We roadtripped to Atlanta & did some shopping.

Found a cute little town called Covington (where they filmed Gone With the Wind, Footloose, Dukes of Hazard, In the Heat of the Night, The Vampire Diaries and other fun stuff!).  We were actually told by a lady in the amazing ice cream shoppe there we should come back to be extras on a show.  Haha.

House where Gone With the Wind was filmed (as well as other tv/cinema)

Also, we had some INCREDIBLE Thai food there.  That’s Kua Gai.  Holy goodness.  My mouth still waters…

Before we left I discovered THE BEST BATHROOM EVER ON THE PLANET in the ice cream shoppe.  YES.  Oz.

  • From Georgia we went to visit my parents in South Carolina.  We headed to Myrtle Beach one of those days.  I think we were on the road at least 5 out of the 9 days Erin was here.  Busy busy.

At Myrtle Beach with my sister Katie

  • Upon return to Charlotte we decided we’d relax a bit and then Friday we went to Carowinds for twilight hours.  So fun.

We got fireworks that night!

  • The next day was sad…July 2.  Erin said goodbye and headed back to New England.  It was epic…  In fact, you can view this video to see how awesome and epic her visit as.  Many pictures and good times set to music I linked together through the use of GarageBand.  Some fun music…  Took a few hours but so worth it.  It is truly a crowning achievement.  You don’t want to miss it.

Music includes: u2, the Muppets, Katy Perry, Happy Days theme, Veggie Tales, Michael Buble, The Lovin’ Spoonful, Aerosmith, Kanye, and other lines from songs (not the whole song) randomly interspersed at just the right time.  I LOVE THAT I CAN DO THIS W/ GARAGE BAND!  Note: The video IS about 18 min long.  First 8 are Keith, so if you’ve watched that below, skip on. 

  • The Waiting Game continues…  All this time I’d still been expecting a call, an email, snail mail and got nothing.  I finally couldn’t take it and tried to find out some answers.  Tentatively found out but needed confirmation.  This past week I finally got the official news.  I had SO much peace the first half of June.  Then I was gratefully distracted by so much fun when Erin visited.  Afterward I was just on pins and needles again just WAITING…counting down hours until their work week was done wondering if I’d hear.  Now I know: I am now a Spanish teacher at Piedmont Middle School.  Bam. 🙂

And now here we are in July with my summer purification in full swing.  Sometime this week I’m going to move my stuff over to the middle school.  I hope to start doing a bit more thinking/planning now that I know where I will be.  I’m also looking forward to meeting with my eGroup and vacation in the mountains soon!!


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