Summer Purification, Part 2

Well, I had initially intended to post this during vacation but…apparently I decided to take a vacation from much of the web as well.  The mountains were lovely, as usual.  More to come on that and Charleston but for now…  More Summer Purification…


As I posted here before, this summer I’ve taken on a little, easy side project to get rid of some unused, unnecessary “stuff” I have around the apartment and in my life.  Without further ado, here’s the next group of things I’m purging myself of and hence purifying my living space and my life of…

What have we here?

  • 3 movies I haven’t watched in YEARS
  • A picture frame I have had in the box for ages and haven’t used
  • An old teaching textbook
  • 6 old Sunday School teacher books
  • A book on Cordoba, Spain
  • Classroom discipline book
  • The Journey Towards Relevance (book from RELEVANT)
  • Old copy of Mere Christianity by CS Lewis (I have an updated version)
  • Fiction book I read half way and decided really wasn’t my cup of tea

If you see anything you want, let me know.  Otherwise it’s going to Goodwill or elsewhere at some point soon.


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