About to Blow

I’ve tried to bite my tongue on several things in the news lately…  Namely all the insane politics going on.  Healthcare, Occupy Wall Street, elections this year and next…

It’s just all so absurd on both ends of the spectrum.  For me, I’m a fan of some ideas the Democrats have and a fan of some of those of the Republicans.  I can’t in good conscience vote a straight ticket.  I  just can’t.  For example, I’m completely fed up with some of the bills that the NC legislature and NC Republicans are trying to put through.  It blows my mind how narrow-minded some of their thinking is.  On the other hand, I don’t get Occupy Wall Street.  Why not call yourselves Whiners Anonymous?  Let’s Occupy Reality instead.  I’m sorry you’re not making the money you think you should be, but YOU chose your path, your job and your profession.   No one else did.  So why is it that someone else  has to make up for your choices?  I took a job as a teacher because I love kids, getting the chance to invest in them and see them grow.  I did not choose it for the pay (and those who are out there saying teachers are overpaid if you count in benefits, vacation, etc. are ridiculous).  I knew I wasn’t going to make a salary anywhere near $50,000.  I currently make about $32,000.  Our pay has been frozen for the last 4 years.  I’m still here.  I’m still teaching and I don’t plan on leaving because I enjoy what I do.  Those out there on Wall Street who I’ve heard on the news and other videos – what is this all about comparing yourself?  Did you choose something you enjoy doing?  Did you work hard for it?  Why are you upset now?  Did you not research salaries in your field?  Isn’t the American Dream based on living in the land of opportunity?  If so, why punish someone who chose a specific career, worked hard to get where they are, chose it because they enjoy it and you just want to take that away from them?  Diminish it somehow?  I had the opportunity to go into other professions, chose another path.  But I didn’t.  And I don’t blame anyone else for me not making as much.  I knew the risks going in.  Educate yourselves!  That’s important when deciding what career you’d like.  YOU make the choice.  Don’t put it on someone else just to make it “fair”.  Life isn’t fair.  It’s about the choices we make.  Why do I have to be responsible for making sure someone else gets a better salary?  I worked hard for my job.  I earned that money.  I pay my taxes.  And I’m sorry – the government isn’t always nor is it supposed to always be there to fix your boo boos.  Also, sure some who make large amounts of money may not have worked as hard as others to get to their post and make what they do.  That’s bound to happen.  However the opposite occurs too.  Some (not all – to be clear) in housing projects purposefully don’t go out and get a job so they can maintain their living situation and continue to receive federal funding.  We don’t need to continue to enable people in situations like that.  Saying it’s not fair someone makes more money than you and occupying Wall Street because of it will lead to further enabling.  Diminished work ethic and efficiency.  Why are we Occupying Wall Street again?  Also, Occupy folks and Democrats are saying banks and other big corporations are paid too much, make too much.  Yet at the same time you say we can’t let them fail because they made poor/illegal choices.  What?  Republicans are almost saying the same thing – they are too big because government has stepped in and made the larger.  I’m confused on this logic.

As for healthcare, do people truly NOT think quality of care will go down?  The floodgates will open.  Doctors will stop accepting new patients.  Doctors will leave the profession.  Malpractice suits will rise because they are overworked.  A shortage in providers and medical care givers will come into play.  I do, however, believe something seriously needs to be done to make healthcare more affordable – not REQUIRED for all, but costs need to be fixed.  Caps on insurance companies.

I’m just so frustrated by politics right now.   It’s ridiculous how much finger-pointing and name calling (“Liar, liar pants on fire” must be politicians’ favorite comeback) is going on.  I know I just did a bit toward both, but I’m fed up with both sides.

Where is the sane third-party candidate?  It’s funny.  Congress and the President are elected to speak for and serve the people but all it seems they do is gossip about each other.

I’m done…


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