For The Honor

Today is a good day.  Great day at Elevation, got the new Elevation Worship cd and I’m putting up Christmas decorations.

I can’t say enough about what a blessing is to be at Elevation with such great friends, families and leaders around me.  Six years ago if you’d asked me if I thought I’d be seeing or even experiencing what I have at Elevation…  I just don’t know what I would have said or even thought.  Each week I wonder why anyone would ever show up late to church.  Granted, I know life happens.  Put put your priorities in order, get to church on time and your heart and mind will be more prepared to worship and hear from him.  I can’t imagine missing a moment.  Our worship leaders and our pastor have sent an atmosphere of celebration, excitement, urgency and honor in our worship experiences.  What I (we as a church) have been able to be a part of each Sunday for the last 5 (almost 6) years is astounding.  I love their heart, their talent, their commitment to our city and our church…  This is not about them or where they’re headed.  This is about God’s call on their lives in serving the local church.  Their humility and commitment to creating songs that resonate with our church…the local church is so refreshing.   The individual quirks, talents and gifts they each have that God has brought together have created something special.

Get the cd when it comes out – MIDNIGHT tonight on iTunes and in stores tomorrow.  ALL proceeds tomorrow go toward a partnership with Compassion International that will help those in one of the poorest slums in Kampala, Uganda.

Chris, Wade, Mack, London, Brad, Jane – your church is proud of you and grateful for each of you.  Thank you for everything that each of you do.

Check out these videos – a story behind one of the songs (For the Honor), For the Honor and We Rejoice.  I love their honesty, passion and heart in worship.




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