The Young and the Restless

Emphasis on Restless.

Why?  Because it’s my college roommate’s new wordpress blog and she’s awesome!  Also, it’s so hard to break a habit.  We’ve always referred to one another as each others’ roommate whether that’s still the case or not.  And it’s not at this point.  Hasn’t been for the last five and a half years.  In fact, she’s got a whole other roommate named Kristoffer now (that would be her husband…).  Old habits die hard. 🙂

You will want to read her blog.  The tales she spins are epic in proportion and her take on life is exuberant and full of imagination.  This is the person I made up mad libs with and watched Princess Bride 309457272 times with.  This is also the person whose wedding I got lost on the way to (and on the way to the reception…with the best man) and dressed up like a pirate with (we ARE pirates, by the way).  She is the person I wrote a Negated Declaration and Constitution of Sea Men with (I told you – we’re pirates.  BTW, this document DOES still exist.).  This is the person who I saw Copeland with for the first time and the person I called the second time I saw them and they sang “Coffee”.  This is the person who I conspired with to create an alternate identity whilst in an AIM conversation with a friend of hers thus totally confusing said person.  This is the person who I named inanimate objects with (Petey the hot pot among other things).  She is also the one whose birthday I would plan “secretly” every year.  She is the person I made up a story with very late at night trying to keep a friend with a concussion awake (the story somehow involved the pirate Hot Pink Barbie and The Great Shoe).  This is the person I wrote strange magnetic poetry with on our fridge (and required everyone else to do if they entered our room).  Jackie is the person I instituted the Tuesday night line up with.  She’s the person I worked with in the pharmacy at Eckerd for a year (woo hoo pharm techs!).  She’s the one who told me about the most vivid dreams ever (fire and bongos?).  Soooo many memories.  Sooo many fun times.

Trust me.  Check her blog out here.  You won’t be disappointed.


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