Brave New World…Again

I have been pretty terrible about updating lately, but admittedly – life has been crazy.

Let’s rewind to December for a moment.  The last week in school before our Christmas vacation, my principal at the middle school (remember – I was moved from elementary school to a nearby middle school after the elementary Spanish program was cut) came to me with information about a possible change I could be involved in if I wanted to.  Throughout the fall, I was essentially the school’s global teacher.  I’d applied for this at the end of the 2010-2011 school year and was asked to be a part of a group of teachers helping come up with resources, information and doing staff development to help widen the global perspective in classrooms and school subjects.  I had an office off of the media center.  No, I wasn’t teaching Spanish, but it was ok.  There wasn’t necessarily a classroom for me to have taught in anyway.

I REALLY enjoyed the ability to do research, create helpful documents, lesson ideas and work with other teachers to come up with projects, resources, etc.  I’ve done a few staff development sessions with other global teachers and led a couple tech sessions as well.  It’s been interesting to try and figure my way through something that isn’t as concrete as an everyday, in the classroom teaching position.

Back to what was going on at school in December.  A fellow related arts teacher was going to be going to a high school position at the end of the first semester to teach a drafting class.  The current multimedia teacher was going to take over his classes and if I wanted to, I could take the multimedia classes for the rest of this year knowing that if things worked out, I could have THAT class become a global studies class for the 2012-2013 school year.  My principal has been very nice and supportive.  I truly appreciate her as she has worked to find a way to “keep me” at the school because ALL of the elementary Spanish teachers were initially told that if we are put in a middle school position, it would only last 1 year.

I immediately started doing some research, looking at different school global studies/multimedia websites, etc.  I thought through it over break.  We returned the 2nd of January and suddenly things were on the fast track.  I really wasn’t going to hesitate in taking on this new and different role.  The multimedia class is project based which is exactly what I would be doing if I were going to create a global studies class.  It seemed to me an easy transition to make.  I obviously would continue with things as they have been THIS current year for the sake of the students and then in the coming year it would really just be adding more of the global aspect.

This past week I took over the multimedia classes.  The 7th and 8th grade classes are year long which they hadn’t been in the past so I am getting the ability to think about and trying a couple of things that I might include in a global studies class while maintaining some multimedia content.  For example, I’m going to be doing a project where students will create a 12 slide powerpoint about what they believe will be the 10 most important issues/events of 2012 (2012 Olympics, elections, things of this sort – last year someone could have put in the tablet phenomenon!).  They will use news and information websites, include pictures, a summary of the information/event, why THEY think it will be an important event/issue in 2012, and works cited.  Obviously the multimedia part of this is the use of the computer, internet, powerpoint, etc.  But I’m also having them evaluate websites for credibility which is important for them to learn how to do in an information rich world.

This will all be quite the journey to get used to…  I’m looking forward to it though.

I need to do some updates about Christmas, my vision board and the epic event that has been, is and will be Code Orange Revival.  It’s been amazing…  More to come.


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