Life Goes On

This post’s title used to be a tv show.  And it’s a true statement leading off from when I last wrote.

Life goes on.  And honestly it’s been ok since that crappy day at the end of April.  I don’t have too much new stuff to share and I hope to get writing a little more consistently as the school year wraps up, but probably not until then.  My mind is still in so many different places as this school year comes to a close.

I took the Social Studies PRAXIS test last Saturday.  I should know the results by the end of this month.  Technically my principal says my job either doing multimedia and computers OR a global studies class next year is safe.  I appreciate that but can’t help but think that there is at least one more year of cuts coming before things really start to turn around in education.  Does that mean I’ll be in the same position next year then?  Wondering if it’s another “one year” deal?  I don’t know.  We’ll see what happens if I pass the SS PRAXIS.  I am somewhat actively looking at other nearby schools for potential Spanish positions or social studies (again, depending on whether I passed the test or not).  Also keeping my mind open to things outside education.  Who knows?

As for this summer, I know I at least need something kind of part time.  A consistent babysitting/nannying job maybe.  Tutoring.  With half a paycheck coming in August and the car payment now, it’s pretty necessary.  It should be a good summer though – possibly going up to RI for my cousin’s high school graduation, my cousin coming to visit, going up to the mountains, the Global Leader summit thing…

And in other news, I found the greatest recipe ever on Pinterest.  If you like Thai food, this recipe is so easy and delicious.  Check out the Spicy Thai Noodles recipe here.  Yum.



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