Tea and Crumpets, anyone?

The school year has ended.  I’ve been blessed to continue to have a job when it was at one time only a “one year thing”.  I’ve moved classrooms and will be teaching a Global Studies/Global Connections class.  I’m really excited about it.  I don’t have the curriculum to look at yet but it’s going to be great and I’m looking forward to it.

In other news, this coming week I’ll be going off to a Global Education Leader program sponsored by Worldview at UNC Chapel Hill.  Several of the Global Teachers for the county were given the opportunity to go and I was one of the lucky few.  It should be an interesting, fun, stimulating, and intellectually driven week.  I am sure I will come home with lots of new ideas for the class I’ll be teaching.


Photo Credit

AND it’s an Olympic year!!  In case you aren’t aware, I LOOOOOOOOOVE the Olympics.  I have many memories attached to watching them over the years.  I love the atmosphere, comraderie, fun and the stories that come out of it.  I’m personally a fan of the swimming/diving, gymnastics, track, and volleyball but I love it alllllll.  And they’re in London!  Maybe we can all have a spot of tea and biscuits one day in honor of the Games.

It should be cool as this is right before school is back in session to see if there is anything I can incorporate into my class.  I’m excited!!  It’s a global summer, y’all!


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