A couple of weeks ago I was out to eat with my Aunt at Macaroni Grill and she mentioned something about my birthday month being just a couple days away.  This was at the end of September.  I knew that but hadn’t really thought about it much – life has been busy!  It’s crazy though.  At that time I would be 29 in a few short weeks.

I got to thinking about that on the way home once we finished some awesome Italian food that night.  I haven’t written a lot on here lately for a variety of reasons – busy, tired because so busy, needing a break, reading, school, summer, not feeling like it sometimes, slight case of writer’s block, etc.  A lot has happened since I really wrote last and as my 29th birthday is coming – now in just a few short days.

Last night my parents and youngest sister came up from South Carolina to celebrate my birthday a few days early at Carabbas (can you sense a trend?).  My Aunt joined us as well.  It was nice to have that time.  I don’t remember the last time I’ve actually spent my birthday (or at least a couple days before it) with my family.  I think it may have been my freshman year in college TEN (!!) years ago.

One night earlier this month I was lying on the couch in the evening.  It was one of those cool nights and I’d lit a few candles.  The tv was off and it was quiet.  I stayed there for maybe 30 minutes just thinking, reflecting some and I realized several things.

1. How I’ve changed since entering my 20s (and even changed in the last couple of years).

2. Last year had a lot of transitions and this year will likely hold more.  I need to keep my cup filled to overflowing.

3. I’m ever so grateful to be where I am in life right now and things I did not used to have peace about or be content with, I am learning and becoming content with them.

It really is amazing how much a person matures in faith and just in dealing with life from early/mid 20s to late 20s.  College is really just the beginning.  Whether it’s been job-related, church, friends, faith, relationships, finances, family, I see growth in myself.  Sure I still catch myself worried about little things every now and then or thinking about something preposterous but I’m not perfect and have to remember to lean on faith.

I’ve been so encouraged lately by friendships that are going deeper, old and new friends in my life, fun flashbacks to middle school and high school years (the 90s resurgence these days is pretty awesome), possibilities for travel in the summer, little things I’m reading on blogs here and there that I see at “just the right time” (aka God’s time), and serious excitement about what I’m doing this year after such an up and down year in 2011-2012.  These are good things.  I can see (hope I’m seeing) myself becoming more and more that person I am to be in Christ – believing Him for greatER.

29 is going to be a good year.

Or as my sister Katie said last night, “It’s not every day you almost turn 30.”  There will be 364 days of that to come.


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