Somewhere Around the World…


In my previous post full of reasons why I’m full of a serious desire to travel and just GO somewhere, I mentioned that there were several factors that have really been pushing me lately.  There are the obvious reasons:

1. I’ve traveled abroad several times – once you go, you’ll have that desire in the back of your mind all the time.  Whether you do something about it or let it lie dormant is another thing.

2. My teaching degree and current teaching position lend itself well for being reasons to travel – I have a degree in Spanish education and teaching certification in Spanish K-12 AND middle school Social Studies.  Can’t get much more global than that.

3. I just want to SEE and experience more of the world.

Then there are the amusing reasons

4. I’m not getting any younger…but I’m not old either.  So, hello perfect age.

5. I’m at a stage in my life where I have the commitment during the school year but summer is wide open.  I just have to grab at it.  No strings attached…yet.  (One day??)

6. You’ve denied me twice, travel grants. You were RIGHT THERE.  And then you weren’t.  I’ve been ok with it.  I get it.  But that’s about enough of that…  You’re just fueling the fire now.

But then there are the “out there in the world” inspirations that are fanning the flame too.  For example…

The Young Adventuress – Been to over 25 countries and in Jordan right now.  She was an auxilar de conversacion in Spain for 2 years.  Essentially, she taught English in Spain, was paid (700 euros/month), got to live in a country I thoroughly enjoy and have great memories of AND got to travel all over.  Her blog is amusing – lots of pictures, entertaining stories and good insight and information.  The whole Spanish/teaching thing…  I get you.

BootsnAll – I can’t even remember how I came across this blog but it’s got a lot of interesting resources to help you plan trips and something called an “RTW”.  Round the World trip.  Wooo.  Craaaazy.

A Dangerous Business – She decided that she was going to travel when she realized Lord of the Rings was filmed in New Zealand.  Geek after my own heart.  She’s been to more than 20 countries.  She’s also got a degree in journalism and has a penchant for being a grammar fanatic…er…police  which I also find myself being.

LandLopers – Reminded me of the curiosity I have about Iceland…  Love how he calls himself a “recovering cubicle dweller”.  He really tries to write from the perspective of an everyday person who just enjoys traveling and sharing what they learn.  It doesn’t all have to be about the “glamour” that is travel.

Twenty-Something Travel – Very relatable…not just with the age business (but let’s not discuss that changing to “thirty-something” in the next few months…).  It’s run by a girl who has backpacked in Europe and Asia, roadtripped in Australia, created an iPhone app (Eat the World), left her office job and though she’s in DC currently will be traveling again soon.

Adventurous Kate – She’s about my age.  Quit her job 2 years ago to travel and is still doing so.  She traveled for 6 months in Asia and now bases herself in London while still traveling.

Highly suggest checking them out – great stories and advice.  It’s like travel bootcamp – need inspiration?  Check.  Need advice?  Check?  Need a reality check?  Got it.  Get it into gear, traveler!

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