I Do Exist

Hello world.  It’s been a while.  I’ve been pretty terrible at blogging for the past year, apparently.  I need to get back to it.  And yeah, I know I’ve said that several times in the last year.  It’s been a crazy one though.  2013 was a good year and 2014 is proving to be an interesting one as well.  Very, very busy.  In fact, the last 7 months have been pretty intense juggling teaching and coaching and Odyssey of the Mind team that is now headed to World Finals in a couple of weeks.  It’s been very fun but really draining staying on top of so much.  I wouldn’t trade it though.  There have been so many moments with the kids both when teaching and coaching that I wouldn’t trade for the world and in every way – I would rather than drain me than be concerned about maintaining a consistent blog.  Kids > technology.

But, that being said, I think I could easily do a picture update of the past year via my school Twitter and Instagram accounts and my personal accounts.  So let’s have that be the plan.  Next post is a picture update on life both at home and at school.  It’s been a good one and as the year winds down, hopefully I can get into the swing of things again and consistently schedule posts.  Someone hold me to that. 🙂

Look for a SLANTbox post soon too.  I’m very excited to be participating.


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