Meme-tastic Start to the School Year

Well, 2 days down, 178 to go! A new school year began on Monday. I’m glad I started thinking through my thoughts, ideas and plans for the year ahead of time. Although we had a week of workdays, one was full of off-site professional development at schools around the district, a couple of hours in the morning for two days and then both 6th grade Panther camp and 7th and 8th grade open house on Wednesday and Friday respectively.


This was for 7th and 8th open house. I set up a quick “photobooth” area with props.

With a variety of shifts we’ve also added a number of students and added a teacher here and there. I now share my room with 2 other teachers so it’s literally being used all day. Glad to do what I can to share the love. The three of us have tried to organize ourselves to the best of our ability to keep make it work for the rest of the year.

Monday went well. I’m excited yet again for my yearlong classes. My 7th and 8th grade global studies rotation classes are good. I’ve got a set curriculum to go through with them while they are with me and I really enjoy the topics I cover with them (culture, perceptions/stereotypes, human rights, refugees, revolutions and terrorism). The yearlong classes – look to be a blast again this school year. After doing a global studies/Odyssey of the Mind hybrid(ish) class for the first time last year, I learned a TON since it’s not one set curriculum the entire time they are with me. We find a balance between the global and the creative. I did a lot of thinking, planning and have tried take what I learned from last year to make this year even better (ISNs, better student project proposal forms, etc.). That’s a post for another day…

I found a really fun idea for using the “Someecard” meme in a back to school activity on TeachersPayTeachers and used it with my students. They had to come up with a school related statement, saying or something of the sort to add to a card that had an image on it. Some went with the infamous “…said no one ever.” Others used “That awkward moment when…” Some blended the humor and slight sarcasm very well.  The yearlong kids got very clever with what they came up with.  Here are several that made me laugh.1544515_793215717483_445389715663162315_n


10606565_793215433053_3198773681614198258_nIf you can’t read the top of this one it says, “Maybe I should pack  breakfast for lunch,” said every 7th grader ever.  (They have lunch at 10am or so!)




I wholeheartedly give my stamp of approval on that last one for the use of Doctor Who (ok and maybe Jensen Ackles too).

Pretty entertaining.  They seemed to enjoy doing it and hearing what everyone else came up with.

So far so good!  On to day 3!  Working to remind myself slow down…slow down.  It’s the first week of school!  Slow down.  (I tend to get a little over excited about diving into what we’re covering.)

I might post some pictures of the room, what I’m adapting/planning with the ISNs and how I’m attempting to be more intentional with my mornings (both at home and at school) this year.

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