We’ve finished a full week of school and moving forward!

After spending a lot of August thinking and planning I’ve been excited to put things into action. I want to be more intentional this year across the board both with school stuff and the rest of my life (hello, teachers have personal lives too!).

So what do I want to be intentional about this year?

1. MY Morning Routine – I set up for myself a specific morning routine that I hope to keep up with throughout the year with specific goals for reading, exercising, blogging/writing and just some time to breathe and wake up with a cup of coffee before feeling too busy. I attributed that previously to having reading What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast. Each part of that routine I’ve set up has a purpose that reaches beyond just my physical health, professional life, being something I just enjoy or want to do – it’s helping me set up a better day and getting in the right frame of mind before I head out the door.

2. Set up of my room – As I am sharing my room with two other teachers when I do not have classes, this is important. I got a few extra storage containers and bought some super fun classroom labels to put up in the room so that I know where things are and my students also know. Below are a few pictures – you might notice a theme.

10600450_787053227163_6936515045868811633_n 3. ISNs (Interactive Student Notebooks) – I decided to dive into ISN territory mid-late summer this year. I’ll do a longer post at some point about why and how but I like the organization and what the end result should be for both myself and my students. It’ll keep me on track, keep us all organized and hopefully be a keepsake that shows student accomplishments. Here are the pictures of my 8th grade and 7th grade notebooks. Again…a running theme in there somewhere. 🙂

10612893_785015680423_467666731524791280_n10600615_791661562023_7204521443238324421_n4. Bringing the fun – I love what I teach and have had the chance to create and adapt a lot. I am already taking it to new levels with the chance to use the ISNs here and there (not every day) but also in subtle ways like what I’ve put up around the room, student creativity, etc. At some point you have to make the little things fun not only for the students but for yourself too which is why I likely ended up with a more Doctor Who themed classroom this year. 🙂

995605_782718648693_4889919761394396761_nYou have to bring the fun personally too so I did a fantasy football draft. Done a little trading, adding and dropping. Still a work in progress but I’m quite happy with the QB (go Pats!!).

10645316_791823252993_4530896318761634420_n-1**If you’re curious, the fictional location signs, classroom labels and planner I printed came from TeachersPayTeachers.

Later this week I might post on why the word “intentional” has been my personal buzz word of sorts lately not just with school but in my life in general.


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