Ta-Da Tuesday: Why I Connect

I don’t do a ton of these blog link party things but I’ve really enjoyed the heart behind 180 Days to Happy so here we go…


The theme for the week is: Why I Connect

Here are 3 reasons I connect:

1. Inspiration – I have found, read, followed and been so inspired by the teachers and others I have found on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, other blogs, etc. Hearing about the amazing things others are doing motivates and inspires me to continue pushing myself further in the profession and in what I create and do with my own classes. When the day has been long or tiring or had it’s frustrating moments, seeing posts, tweets, etc. from so many great people keeps me going and reminds me it’s all worth it and it’s FUN too.

2. Classroom Impact – The hashtag #GeniusHour (on Twitter in particular) has literally transformed how I teach. When I came across it early summer last year I was intrigued and embarking on a new journey making my global studies class yearlong with a section of students in 7th and a section in 8th. I’ve always enjoyed the creative/innovative side of teaching and giving fun projects to students related to content but the idea of letting students take learning into their own hands, learning and creating within parameters THEY make, and inspiring and motivating themselves and each other – I couldn’t pass it up. It’s made me a better teacher, forced me to continue to think outside the box, given students who thought they didn’t have a lot to offer the confidence to believe they do… Connecting on twitter one Thursday a month with others for #GeniusHour talk, following teachers who use #GeniusHour – I can’t quantify the impact it’s had. Going into the second year of implementing Genius Hour it is only getting better.

3. PLC/PLN – That might sound like it goes with what I shared above but for me following the blogs and Twitter accounts of other teachers, teacher leaders, etc. really makes me think and reflect. Sometimes there’s that post that makes me think about something I haven’t considered before, a new technique or idea for how to handle that student that gets on your last nerve, an overview of a new web tool and how it could be used… I soak up that kind of thing and it stimulates growth since it makes me in turn think and reflect on my teaching.

Thanks for the link up!


2 thoughts on “Ta-Da Tuesday: Why I Connect

  1. 180daystohappy says:

    1st of all, thanks SO much for linking up!!! It’s always so nice to hear that someone actually feels the passion behind 180 Days to Happy!!!! Connect with colleagues, and people in general, on social media has done things I never thought it would/could do! You are so right that the ideas behind a simple hashtag can transform your classroom, mine has been #edchat! I am now going to follow #geniushour!!!

    Thanks again!!!

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