A Few Hours from 31

Well, I was doing so well with blogging in September!  Then October came along with meetings, conferences, Odyssey of the Mind tryouts, professional development and it just got crazy.  I’m going to get back in the swing of things and maintain my focus on what seems to be my word this year: intentional.


So with that in mind, what better way to start being intentional about blogging than to do so on the eve of my birthday?  It’s almost the start of another year of my life and aside from New Years and the start of a school year, a great time to set goals.  I’m going to get back to blogging on a more regular basis.  I can forgive myself for the past month considering all that’s been going on but the self-reflection and community that comes with blogging is fantastic and so useful.

Right now I’m gearing up to have a pretty awesome birthday weekend…  Tomorrow I get to do a really fun Amazing Race activity with one class, Genius Hour with a yearlong group, a Socratic Smackdown discussion around the topic of terrorism and prep a different group for a group project.  Also, the kids think it’s hilarious and awesome that my birthday is on Halloween.  On top of a fun teaching day, it’s Red Ribbon week and tomorrow is TEAM shirt day so you can bet I’ll have on my New England Patriots jersey.  After school I’m heading to join some friends for a Halloween movie and pumpkin carving.  On Saturday my parents and my sister are coming up from South Carolina and we will be trekking across Charlotte going to Ikea, a giant antique mall called The Depot, hitting up Red Robin (I LOVE the parmesan garlic fries!!!), Clothes Mentor and Versona.  Sunday is the epic Brady vs. Manning game and I can’t wait for that.  Plus my Fantasy Football team has been KILLING it (led by my main man Brady).  Good weekend.  Good weekend to turn 31.Snl-so-freakin-excited

(This is me about the game on Sunday…  And pretty much everything else this weekend.)

I shall return soon with a new post…  If life at 31 tomorrow becomes drastically different from life at 30 today, maybe a reflective post (haha).  In all likelihood it’ll be probably be something I am really finding myself grateful for at 31 that I would never have appreciated as much earlier on in life.  It’s always good to find and talk about those connections.  It shows growth.


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