Yo Mismo

The easiest, yet toughest question to ask yourself… Who are you and what are you all about? 

I am a halloween baby.  I am a Spanish teacher. I am all of those names you use to relate to family (except maybe aunt, wife and sister-in-law…for now). I love to travel. I want to visit Prague and Venice desperately. I’ve visited Spain and Portugal (Canada too, if that really counts). I lived in Spain for a semester. Maybe you can guess by now that I love languages. I have lived in six different states in my lifetime. I want to visit Portland, Oregon for their coffee and to visit the largest bookstore in the US. I want to roadtrip across the states sometime.

I am an avid reader and music aficionado. Music gives way to the soundtrack of my life. A journal records the memories life brings. I love coffee. I love tea too (hot and iced). I love fried okra. I love orange juice.  I love rain. I love Singin in the Rain (musical and in the everyday rain shower). I love children. I love Dr. Seuss. Ilove to read.  I love Jane Austen books. I love to write (hm, hence the blog!).  I love old movies.  Gene Kelley is my hero.  It is possible that I should have been born in the 1940s or 1950s, but I will absolutely claim the 80s as mine as it is.  I am living a double life as a pirate when time permits. I wish more boys were like Nicholas Nickelby of the Charles Dickens novel.

I love tulips and looking at the stars.  Christmas is my favorite time of year. Anything around me could look like Father Christmas threw up on it during this time of year.  I can’t wait to have the awesome responsibility of a parent…particularly during the younger years of a kid. 

I love some good, loud music when you drive. I love the mountains, one of the most amazing parts of God’s creation. I love seeing and taking a good photograph. I wish life were like a musical. I love my church and volunteering with the pre-k kids.  I thoroughly enjoy time with my friends.  I am just…Lindsey.

How’s that?



4 thoughts on “Yo Mismo

  1. Who’s site is this? I don’t see your name anywhere. I see that you linked to my site… thanks! I enjoyed looking through your site. Hope you’re having a blessed day.

    P.S. I like that you referenced Mat Kearney.

  2. oh says:

    Hi, Lindsey,
    Found you by luck (or a link) and just read your “yo mismo” and list of “I love’s” which is great, funny, serious, and perfectly enjoyable.
    And you mention “Nicholas Nickelby – I just bought it yesterday! Because I always treat myself to a Dickens novel in December. (well, not always – just started about a year ago, but I love reading Dickens in December.)
    And I love the picture in your blog header. Happy happy holidays!
    Stop by anytime.

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