Links I Love

Here are some websites I love to visit in various categories – some related to teaching, others related to living a frugal life, cooking websites, and other fun things.  Check ’em out!

The Blogs

Living the Frugal Life/Life in General

27 and Frugal

How can I not relate?  She’s a gal who is 27 renting an apartment trying to balance life.


Ok so I haven’t made it back to Europe YET, but it IS fun to look at the possibilities for the future.

Charlotte on the Cheap

Charlotte + Cheap.  Why not?  There just might be something that’s worth it one of these days.

Fabulous and Frugal

Good thoughts and tips.

Frugal Traveler

From the NY Times – again…just making myself aware of the possibilities!

Gen X Finance

Lots of thoughts on all facets of living well on the cheap and finances.


Fun posts on money and living life.


Probably one of my favorite blogs about “living large on a small budget”.  Tons of great posts and they find the best articles on the web and link them up.  Awesome.

Alpha Consumer

Blog from an editor at US News on finances and life.  Aimed for those in 20s and 30s.

Ask Dave

It’s Dave Ramsey.  Why wouldn’t you pay attention?

Blonde and Balanced

Well, I may not be blonde, but I enjoy this blog.  Plus she used the BLONDE part to highlight what she posts on: B-body (fitness), L-life, O-opinion, N-notes, D-dollars (finances), and E-excel (striving to grow continuously).

Budgets Are Sexy

Pretty entertaining, honest and practical.

Fabulously Broke in the City

As she likes to call herself – she’s a “moneythropologist”.

Fabulously Fru-Girl

Another one the girls can relate to.  Also quite honest and presents a challenge to get you thinking.

Girl with the Red Balloon

If you haven’t caught on yet – there are a lot of great blogs out there for those in their 20s with college debt trying to live a good life.

Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

Women + Finances = This Blog

Homeowner By 30

A TEACHER working to get out of college debt and using money wisely.  Fantastic.

Money Maus

“A twenty-something working to save her cheese.” I laugh a lot.

Money Under 30

Lots and lots and lots of tips and strategies for your 20s.

Serendipity’s Guide to Saving

Sense a trend here?

A Story of Debt

Great blog.  Journey has ended, but there are great posts here.

TeacHer Finance

A teacher and her money.  I can relate.

A Well Heeled Blog

Money and living your life well.

Cheap Ways To…

Always good insights.

Mary Hunt: Money Rules, Debt Stinks

True story.

Makeunder My Life

Run by Jessica Constable of Jess LC.  She owns her jewelry business (been running it since she was 15!) and wants to live and do life with intention.

Children’s Ministry/Leadership

Volunteering at Elevation has given me such an opportunity to learn and grow not only in my faith but also in developing myself and others around me – I can’t begin to express how much it’s meant to me.  I’ve started reading a lot of blogs and books on children’s ministry to learn more and to challenge me to continue to be a great leader and bring out the best in those I serve with.  That’s why this section exists.

Gina McClain

She is a smart woman.  Great thoughts and some really great analogies and posts that help leaders and volunteers make the connections between what they do and why they do it.

Just Pudge

Pudge Huckaby is one smart GUY.  He serves at Newspring in South Carolina.  I really enjoy this thoughts as well.

KidMin Thoughts

Jenny Funderburke had some wonderful posts on recruiting volunteers.  She also incorporated a series of posts using Where the Wild Things Are.  THAT is awesome.

Inside NorthPoint: Kids

Probably my FAVORITE children’s ministry blog.  I love it because they post great thoughts and they incorporate a lot of pictures to give you an actual “inside look” at what they are doing.  The visual just takes it to a whole other level.

Swerve Blog from

From the staff of  Lots of great posts from a great church and Pastor Craig Groeschel.  Had the extraordinary pleasure of hearing him speak last year.  Real deal.

Orange Leaders

From Reggie Joiner and team with blogs about fusing together children’s ministry and student ministry into family ministry.  Lots of great practical input.

Ryan Frank

Creator of KidzMatter and K! Magazine for children’s ministry – great stuff.

Sam Luce

Another blog from a guy in children’s ministry from the north.  Wicked awesome.

Seth Godin

He’s written a lot of books about church ministry and keeping it fresh, revitalized and relevant.

Access: Elevation

Inside look at Elevation…a couple years old, but good stuff.


A Year of Slow Cooking

Behold the many uses of a crock pot.

Amateur Gourmet

Love this blog and the great recipes.

Pioneer Woman Cooks!

Got this one from my mom.  She’s got some yummy stuff on here.

Education and Teaching


Lots of interesting ideas about the future of education and innovations.

Free Tech for Teachers

So many links and so many ideas.  Beware: can be slightly overwhelming.  I’m having to create a file just to organize all the links, ideas and technology I could possibly use to be able to find things and be aware of what I can use.


This is a blog from LearnNC in North Carolina.  Posts on interesting tech links, education news and online professional development.

It’s Not All Flowers and Sausages

This blog belongs to an elementary school teacher and she is HILARIOUS.  I love her posts and it’s good to see a teacher being wiling to express themselves honestly.  And I have to admit – she’s said a lot about recent things in the news regarding education that I totally agree with.  Our world is developing a skewed view of education that may not be what is best for the kids and our future.

Language Journeys

Blog of a Spanish teacher turned AIG teacher.  Great stuff.


A blog all about technology and education.  The premise is the shift occurring in education right now with all of the technological innovations and how those are, can and will impact the classroom now and in the future.  I learn so much from this blog.

Teacher ReBoot Camp

Another blog about technology, integration and education.  Are you seeing a trend with me?

Teaching Espanol

I think this speaks for itself.

Just For Fun

Dear Coffee, I Love You

A blog declaring a love for coffee.  What’s not to love?

Life and Doctor Who

Ok, yes.  I’m a nerd.  I know.  Let’s move on.

Secret Agent L

People around the world committing random acts of kindness.  Incredible.

The Church and Faith

Pastor Steven Furtick

My pastor’s blog.  Love it.

The Preacher’s Wife

Holly Furtick – my pastor’s wife

Elevation Worship

Great post, thoughts on worship and videos from the team at my church.

Pastor Perry Noble

Pastor of NewSpring Church in South Carolina

The Blacksons

Blog of the family of our Operations Pastor at Elevation

Tonia Takes On…

The blog of our Blakeney campus coordinator at Elevation. She used to be a news anchor on a local tv station.  She has a wonderful family.

Stuff Christians Like

A hilarious take on things we as Christians tend to enjoy, cliches we sometimes use and whether or not these things sometimes “…get in the way of the God we love”.

BlessBack Worldwide

A great ministry started by a wonderful guy at my church.  What began as a trip to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake has turned into so much more.

Christine Caine

An amazing woman of God.  Christine Caine is a part of Hillsong Church in Australia and has a wonderful ministry she began with Equip and Empower and her A21 campaign.  Check her out.  Had the awesome honor to hear from her twice in one weekend this year.

Don Miller Is…

The blog of Donald Miller who wrote Blue Like Jazz, Through Painted Deserts, etc.  Thought provoking guy!

The Hope Design

You want to be inspired and get your spiritual behind kicked?  Check out these teenagers and their audacious faith!

Jesus Needs New PR

Matthew Paul Turner is hilarious.

Family and Friends

Musings of the Resolute

My sister Hilary’s blog – she’s one smart cookie.

Joy in Him

My mother’s blog.  Always good stuff.

JTG 4 Charis

My dad’s blog.  He’s a pastor and he’s awesome.  End of story. (BTW, charis means grace in Greek.)

15 Minutes of Campus

My friends Elliott and Rachel Simko and their college campus ministry.

Christ @ Work

The blog of one of my great friends, Cassie.  Love her.

Jackie Shmacky

The blog of my college roommate and one of my best friends.

Restless Jackie

The NEW (as of 2011) blog of my college roommate. 🙂

The Taylor Family

Two of my favorite people and their family – all four children have been adopted from Ethiopia.

Taylor Family Adoption Journey

Follow my friends’ Josh and Bethany as they adopted their children from Ethiopia – TWICE!

Frank Bealer

An awesome guy I have the privilege of serving alongside at Elevation.

Jessica Bealer

Frank’s wife, mother to four awesome kids, and a writer!

Phillip McCart

An awesome guy in family and worship ministry in South Carolina with a family I love.

Simple Pleasure, Priceless Treasure

My friend Carrie’s blog for women about the gospel and ministry.

Favorite Websites

Elevation Church

Check out my church!

Relevant Magazine

Fantastic magazine I’ve subscribed to for the past 6 years, I think.  Awesome web content too.  All about God, life, and progressive culture.

Track your $$


A deal a day!


Music you know and the music you should know

Ok so I really like football…  Particularly the Patriots. 🙂

Eastern University

My alma mater – Go Eagles!

The Travel Channel

I have an itch to travel…

Bless Back Project

What happens when you take a chance and bless others?

Sun Stand Still

Website for the book Sun Stand Still by my pastor – embrace audacious faith!

More to come!


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